Septuaginta &c.

In a previous post, I overviewed the various biblical and religious studies societies, how to join them, how to and whether you can participate, and why you would do such a thing. Well, one of the major reasons I mentioned is attending conferences. So, especially since it is September again and the new academic year is upon us, that is what I will focus on here, and chalk this post up as a Resource Review particularly targeted at current students of biblical studies hoping to enter a doctoral program.

The professional conferences are distinctly NOT like this.

The conferences, while often chaotic, offer wonderful opportunities for young scholars. But, as I mentioned in the prior post, as a newcomer, not only will you feel like a peon amidst the humming throng of scholars around you, that feeling is accurate. The conferences will give you a healthy, to-scale understanding of how insignificant you…

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