Septuaginta &c.

In a previous post I began discussing how (and why) to attend professional biblical studies conferences. If you missed it, it’s worth starting there before reading further. Otherwise, in this post I discuss a few practical ways to pinch pennies in this expensive endeavor, without missing out on great opportunities.

Some Logistical Notes, or On Being Frugal

Have you been?

Let’s be honest. You’re poor. It goes without saying when you’re in graduate school. Even more so if you are married and (gasp!) have a child or two. But here’s the thing: if you are serious about making a career out of academia, expenditures like attending a conference need to fall more into the category of “long-term investment.” Sure, you’re going without shoelaces in the short run since you have no cash to buy them (…or possibly no shoes to put them on), but really you are leveraging your…

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